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"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

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Kristen Stewart featuring Jenny Lewis video - ‘Just One of the Guys

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July 15, 2014

Just One Of The Guys - Jenny Lewis (x)

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2 years of crying birthdays. Great. 

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July 14, 2014
True Blood spoilers below!

So, so glad that True Blood seems to have taken a full step forward with this episode. As much as a bummer as this season has been so far - and it is a most serious bummer - I’m still attached to all of these characters. Sookie was, for the most part this episode, annoying as hell. However, she seemed to be totally ok with the fact that no one likes her anymore, so there’s that. I feel like the reintroduction of Pam and Eric as true leads has really helped restore some of the balance during tonight’s episode. The Pam/Eric dynamic still feels true, as did the Pam/Sookie relationship, and even the Bill/Eric relationship. 

I am, however, still annoyed at what will probably go down as True Blood’s greatest failing: the Tara situation. I am hoping against hope that it will be better dealt with at some point later in the season. It just still doesn’t feel like we’re done with that - between Lettie Mae’s blood-induced visions and the incredibly passive way everyone seems to mention her passing, I feel like we’re still really missing something. 

The reason I bring up Tara in what has arguably been the best episode of the season, was due to 3 things. 

  1. Sookie’s phone call to Alcide’s father. We had an entire scene focussed on thinking about and dealing with Alcide’s death. People reacted. More time was spent on the phone with Alcide’s father than the combined time of people talking about Tara’s death in the previous 3 episodes. (A bit of an exaggeration, I’m sure, but hopefully the point is made.) 
  2. Sookie and Eric’s reunion. When he asked her how she was, she said she was shitty, gving her boyfriend’s death as the reason. I assumed, while watching the episode, that that explanation would be followed with a list of other terrible things that had happened: Tara dying, the girls have been abducted by the Hep V vampires, the town has turned on itself, et cetera et cetera. But it wasn’t. I loved Alcide as much as the next person, but Tara’s death should have been much more tragic for Sookie. 
  3. Arlene. The scene tonight where Sookie held Arlene in her arms and begged her to stay just didn’t feel fair. A significant chunk of the episode was dedicated to showing how much Sookie cares about Arlene, and that’s great, but why didn’t we get any of that for Tara? Obviously Sookie couldn’t have held her in her arms (the whole goo situation would make that impossible) but where were the tears for her fallen best friend? Maybe tonight was supposed to symbolize a tipping point where Sookie finally lets herself cry and face these things. Now that Pam is back around and Willa seems to be getting more time, maybe we’ll get a few more minutes for Tara.

I guess that’s about my two cents about “Sick of Goodbyes.” Lafayette was lovely, as per usual, and I’m really glad that all of those Bon Temps residents that kept causing a ruckus appear to be dead, especially that faux mayor guy. 

Sorry for this disgustingly long rambly/unedited text post on your dashes, but as I tried (and failed) to find a good True Blood forum to discuss my feeeeelings on, this is the best I can do. 

EDIT: Oh! Ginger! I loved that. Pam’s such a bitch, but I’m glad Ginger got a backstory. 

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